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Custom Website Development

At White Knight Technologies,
we develop innovative websites
using simple and effective
design components in order to
provide you with an easily
maintainable yet fully functional
website. Our sites have quick
download times that don't
compromise on quality or clarity
so your customers will be more
apt to stick around and see
what you have to say. We work
with you to come up with a
unique design that fits your

Site Maintenance

Let us maintain your
website and keep it
current. We will update
your site with new
information, products, and
services as they change.
Our low cost maintenance
service will keep your site
fresh, encouraging repeat

Web Hosting

As a convenience to our
customers like you, White
Knight Technologies offers
reliable web hosting for as
little as $10 per month.
Our servers are stable
and fast with a 99.9%
uptime ensuring your
customers will always be
able to find you. We offer
excellent value that you
won't find anywhere else.
Your website will receive
its own personalized
control panel, giving you
complete control over our
website if you choose.

Domain Name Registration

We will register your domain name
and point it to your website. The
first year is FREE with the
purchase of a custom website. We
pay your fees and register the
domain name in your name. After
the first year, you can renew your
domain name for only $15 per

Site Optimization

85% of traffic to websites
and 70% of online
purchases originate from a
search engine or
directory. With more than
400 million Internet
searches per day, having
your site listed with key
search engines is required
for successful online
marketing. We will provide
one search engine
submission to all of the
major search engines
FREE with the purchase of
a custom website.
Additional submissions are
only $40.

IT Consulting Services

White Knight Technologies
applies sound logic and
modern solutions to
provide you with the
knowledge you need to
make informed decisions.
Our solutions will help you
save time, money, and

Free Estimate

White Knight Technologies is happy to provide your company with a free consultation,
evaluation, and estimate. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service to you.
We look forward to your business.

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Website Hosting
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