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Site Maintenance

In order to retain interest and encourage repeat visits, the content of your site should be enhanced and changed often. You will want to protect your investment by having it properly maintained.

White Knight Technologies offers professional and dependable minor website maintenance services tailored to your specific needs. These include: meta tag changes, content changes, and maintenance of links.

You do not have to purchase a website design from White Knight Technologies in order to receive maintenance from us. We regularly maintain sites designed by other website designers.

Do you have time to perform website changes and focus on your business affairs?

Probably not. That's why most businesses have begun to outsource their website maintenance. You will find that it is simpler to hire a knowledgeble company to handle something as important as your website.

Did you know that search engines like google and Yahoo! love frequently updated content?

Search engines target sites that add relevant content daily. If you consistently provide new content on your site, search engines are more likely to visit your site.

Per Task Rates

$30.00/page Content Update (no code change)
$55.00/form Form Update
$5.00/each Basic Graphics
$50.00/hour Advanced Graphics
$.50/each Batch Photo Optimization
$5.00/each Individual Photo Optimization
$50/hour Hourly Rate (code changes, etc)

Monthly Prepaid Discount Packages

Rate per Hour $45 $40 $35 $30
Total Hours (per month) 8 Hr 12 Hr 16 Hr 20 Hr
Total Rate $360 $480 $560 $600

counter statsAdditional Hours are billed at the prepaid billing rate.


  • Updating Page Information
  • Adding/Removing Pages
  • Adding/removing Page Links
  • Scanning/Resizing Images
  • Adding/Removing Images
  • Archiving Current Content
  • Minor Graphic Changes (original artwork must be provided)
  • Code Modification (HTML, CSS, Basic Javascript)
  • Acting as intermediary for your registrar or hosting company

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