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You never get a second chance to make a first impression! At White Knight Technologies, we understand that a good website can make or break your business. It is often your first interaction with your customer and needs to highlight your success and create an interest in your product or service.

White Knight Technologies offers a full line of web design services, that includes planning, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of your custom website. Our emphasis is on producing a website that is clear and functional; one that promotes your business.

To receive a free estimate, please use our estimate form or review our web design rates below.


$110.00 Basic Webpage
$165.00 Basic Form
$135.00 Dynamic Webpage
(rollover effects, Basic Javascript, photo gallery)
$165.00 Advanced Dynamic Webpage
(flyout menus, DHTM, Advanced Javascript)
$55.00 Duplicate Webpage
(content change only)
$110.00 Duplicate Form
(content change only)
$55.00 Site Map
(free with 5 pages or more)
$30.00 Counter
(free with 5 pages or more)
$30.00 Supporting Page
(CSS, Javascript)
$45.00 Site Setup Fee
(free with 5 pages or more and WKT Hosting)
$30.00/page Content Update
(no code change)
$5.00/each Basic Graphics
(header, footer, buttons) (10 free)
$50.00/hour Advanced Graphics
$.50/each Batch Photo Optimization
$5.00/each Individual Photo Optimization
$15.00/each Digital Photography
$45.00/each Special Photo Processing
$75.00/hour Search Engine Optimization
$75.00 Search Engine Submission
(initial free with 5 pages or more and WKT Hosting)
$75.00/hour Custom Programming
$25.00 PayPal Donation or Buy Now Button
$100.00 PayPal E-Commerce Shopping Cart
(10 Product Buttons)
$5.00/each Additional PayPal Product Buttons
$300.00 Fully Functioning Shopping Cart Setup
(up to 100 products - $40.00/month; unlimited - $60.00/month)
$750.00 Fully Functioning Shopping Cart with Custom Design
(up to 100 products - $40.00/month; unlimited - $60.00/month)
$15/product Product Entry in Shopping Cart
$10/page File Conversion to PDF
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